London Roundtable 2012

Globalization and Cross-Border Fraud Prosecution

London, 20 April 2012

The Institutional Investor Educational Foundation (IIEF) is hosting a Roundtable discussion about the worldwide scope of U.S. fraud laws.  The discussion will cover whistleblowing, corporate liability for human rights and environmental violation, and an update on the Dodd-Frank law.

The expansion of the U.S. government's whistleblower programs and bounties paid to whistleblowers and their counsels are providing opportunities to aid in the enforcement of violations by U.S. entities throughout the world.

Participants have been chosen for their diversity and depth of knowledge and involvement in the topic.  Noteworthy participants in the London Roundtable will include:

  •  Reuben Guttman, Emory Law School Senior Fellow and co-founder of Voices for Corporate Responsibility
    •  Meredith McCoyd, a whistleblower
    •  Robert Amaee, of counsel with Covington & Burling and former  Head of Anti-Corruption at the UK Serious Frauds Office
    •  Raj Thamotheram, President of Network for Sustainable Financial Markets
    •  Jay Eisenhofer, Managing Partner of Grant & Eisenhofer

Roundtable Registration

To encourage a lively, high level discussion, IIEF Roundtables are limited to an intimate group of qualified attendees.   Please let us know if you're interested in attending - or wish to be kept informed about this subject matter.

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